2022.03Certificate of Safety Supplise (KORAIL)
2021.11Selected as Certificate of Recognition (Mayor of Incheon Metropolitan City)
2021.08Acquired Certificate of Inno-Biz (Ministry of SMEs and Startups Republic of Korea)
2021.05Certificate of KEPCO Trusted Partner
2020.05Acquired Certificate of Product-Specific Approved Exporter
2020.03Acquired Certificate of Approval (No. WITHU20200212828)
2019.04Added Specification Certificate of Designation of Excellent Product. (Molded transformers) (Certificate No. 2018168)
2018.12Acquired Acquired Excellent Performance Certification : ECP (Earthquake-Proof Cast Resin Transformer)
2018.12Acquired Excellent Performance Certification : ECP (High-Efficiency Amorphous Pole Transformer)
2018.10Acquired Certificate of Designation of Exrellent Product. (Molded transformers) (Certificate No. 2018168)
2018.08Acquired Certificate of Designation of Exrellent Product. (Molded transformers)
2018.04Acquired Excellent Performance Certification : ECP (Earthquake-Proof Cast Resin Transformer) (No. Incheon-2018132-2-01)
2018.04Acquired Certificate of Inno-Biz (Ministry of SMEs and Startups Republic of Korea)
2017.02Acquired Test Report of Seismic Test. (Cast Resin Transformer)
2014.10Acquired Certificate of KEPIC (Scope : Manufacture of Class 1E dry-type transformer)
2014.09Obtained environmental test (E2, C2, F1) results
2013.05 Development of Mold Type Shunt Reactor
2013.042013 Awarded Iron Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit [Presidential]
2012.12Acquired Certificate of Promising Export Firm (Incheon Export Center, SMBA)
2012.09Selected as Kotra Global Brand 2012
2012.09Acquired Certificate of Inno-Biz (Ministry of SMEs and Startups Republic of Korea)
2012.01Acquired Excellent Performance Certification : ECP (No. 21.231 Compact Pole Transformer)
2011.11Acquired Excellent Performance Certification : ECP (No. 21-229 Amorphous Pole Transformer)
2011.11Acquired Certificate of Recognition (Incheon Metropolitan City)
2011.05Acquired Excellent Performance Certification : ECP (No. 21-211 Aluminum Flat Wire Pole Transformer)
2011.04Selected as partner of WP (Western Power, national power company)
2010.08Selected as “One-KEPCO Export Business Group” (KEPCO)
2010.05Selected as Kotra Global Brand 2010
2010.01Development of Compact Cast Resin Transformer
2007.12 Acquired the Certificate of high efficiency Transformers(Cast Resin Transformers : 6 ITEM including 1250kVA)
2007.11Developed the Partial Discharge Self-Diagnostic Cast Resin Transformer for the first time in the world.
2006.12Acquired the Certificate of INNO-BIZ.
2006.11Acquired the Certificate of New Technology of power.
2006.06Acquired perf
2006.06Designated as a promising export small and medium enterprise (Small and Medium Business Administration)
2006.03Acquired the patent of energy saving Transformer
2005.08Acquired perf
2005.04Appointed the Prospect Venture enterprise of Power.
2005.01High-efficiency energy equipment certification (Amorphous core mold type)
2004.12Confirmed as a venture company (Small and Medium Business Administration)
2004.10Received the grand prize of Industrial Technology Standard (Prime Minister of Korea)
2002.09Renamed by KP ELECTRIC co. Ltd.
2002.08Developed the cast Resin transformers.
2002.07High efficient energy machinery materials certificate (Korea Energy Management corporation)
2001.12Acquired ISO 14001 environment system
2001.01Acquired superior product certification by KIIC(HID lamps & Ballasts)
2000.11Obtained the certificate of venture business from Small and Medium Business Administration(2000172571-746)
2000.04Designated for advanced Tech. enterprise by SMBA
2000.01Acquired UL system
1999.11 Acquired superior product certification by KEMC (Pole Mounted TR, Pad TR, Power TR)
1999.11 Acquired ISO 9001 / KSA 9001 international Quality system
1999.10ISO 9001/KSA 9002 international quality certification approval
1998.06Developed Amorphous Metal TR.(KEPCO)
1997.11Acquired KEMC1133 Quality system
1997.05Exempted from authorized certification test (Korea Electrical Manufacturers Association)
1996.12Acquired ISO 9001 / KSA 9001 Quality system Developed the Pad Mounted TR.(KEPCO)
1996.12Group standard quality certification approval (KIIC-1001/1002/1019/1020 lamp and ballast)
1996.12Developed ground-mounted transformer - Started supplying to KEPCO
1996.05Acquired KEMC1135 Quality system
1996.01Developed the Low Loss pole type transformer(KEPCO)
1995.11Developed the pole mounted transformer (KEPCO)
1995.09Acquired ISO 9002 / KSA 9002 Quality system
1995.09Acquired ISO 9002/KSA 9002
1995.07 Renamed by Kwang Pyo Electric co.,Ltd
1994.01Quality management 2nd grade "Ul" (small transformers for domestic uses)designated
1993.10Moved to Nam-dong public corporation
1993.07Registration of manufacturing business of electric lamps
1992.02Assigned Quality guaranteed corporation (Korea Electric & Electronic Test Laboratory)
1991.01Joined in a member of the korea IIIumination Industry co.(KIIC)
1989.10Developed the transformers for domestic uses (KEPCO)
1988.10Joined in a member of the korea Electric Manafactures co.(KEMC)
1985.07Renamed by Kwang Pyo Electric co.
1984.04Renamed by Kwang Myung Electric co.
1983.05Moved to Kyeong-gido bucheonshi.
1977.11Established Kwang Myung core co.
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