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Since the establishment in 1977, KP Electric Co., Ltd has constantly manufactured electrical products with confidence and pride.

On the basis of confidences by continuous quality control and quality improvement of neon-transformer products that were manufactured in the name of "Kwangpyo electricity" first when started an enterprise about 20 years ago, KP Electric Co., Ltd has widened it's production regions to electronic ballast and lamp, pole transformer, self-diagnosis type transformer, pad-mounted transformer, small transformer for domestic uses, distribution transformer, power transformer, dry type transformer, cast resin transformer, and various kinds of transformer. Only KP Electric Co., Ltd is a small and medium enterprise to manufacture all of high efficient transformer, cast resin transformer and oil-immersed transformer.

KP Electric Co., Ltd has made technological innovation for many years in order to bear the fruit called confidence with the endeavor called patience.

Trade name, "Kwangpyo electricity" is change into a modern and global image, "KP Electric" for a new and grand step to the world market. We will achieve steady and substantial growth of KP electric through careful and powerful management with long-term insights about the rapidly changing world market.


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